Launched: The iAccelerate Startups

Juicy Marbles

First #plantbased steak to market. International star in 6 months.

Plant-Based Filet Mignon Steaks Are Coming for Your Cookouts

Slovenian food-tech firm debuts “world’s first” plant-based marbled filet mignon steak

World’s first’ plant-based steak marbled with sunflower oil: ‘It’s not just for aesthetics. It behaves as marbling does in animal meat

Juicy Marbles Launches a (Very Expensive) Plant-Based Filet Mignon

Finless Foods

Very first, leading #labgrown seafood startup.

Finless Foods Inc 30 under 30    

Finless Foods First tasting in the Guardian  

Finless Foods featured in Two page spread, SFChronicle


Rapidly rising, strongly technical #labgrown meat startup.

Y Combinator Backs Orbillion Bio In First Cell-Cultured Red Meat Investment

This Y Combinator startup is taking lab grown meat upscale with elk, lamb, and wagyu beef cell lines.


Next Gen Liquid Diagnostics Startup. 

TurtleTree Labs

First Startup Pioneering #cellularAgriculture Dairy (Singapore)

Edge 35 under 35 Winners (CEO Fengru Lin)  

‘Mammal-free milk’ startup TurtleTree Labs raises $6.2m pre-Series A funding  

TurtleTree Labs Creates First-Of-Its-Kind Cell-Based Milk Solution  

Cow-free milk wins The Global Liveability Challenge 2020

Bite Ninja

Gig economy network to strengthen restauranteurs

CNBC interview: BN comes in at 0:45.

Bite Ninja Disrupts the Traditional Drive-Thru Model

Bite Ninja outsources drive-thru operations to gig employees working from home

Inner Cosmos

Penny-sized neuro chip that rebalances brain networks using precise, low power electrical activity.

Inner Cosmos: Why we invested

Biomanufacturing Scale up for Startups.

SolarBiotech takes Products in liquid fermentation to full scale manufacturing under one roof.

Solar Biotech Raises $2M for Its Fermentation Tech 


An early #plantbased sashimi company YC class 2020.

Y Combinator's Kuleana is making an animal-free substitute

'Powered by plants and biotech’:

The next generation of raw tuna from Kuleana

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