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Ron Shigeta PhD 


Miao-Chih Tsai, PhD

As a Senior Scientific Editor at Cell for over a decade she has shaped and interacted with the top developments in biomedical research of cutting-edge biotechnology and biomedicine from around the world.  Her network spans global experts in established and up-and-coming areas of biomedicine.

Miao trained at Cambridge UK and Stanford University investigating early development and organization of genetic information and demonstrated the function of non-coding RNAs in epigenomics and cancer. 

Ryan Patel, International Food Executive

Ryan is a world-renowned go-to authority on global business, political economy and corporate governance. His deep knowledge in strategic global market development, concept scalability, digital transformation, global trade, consumer-driven marketing has made him a thought leader in the global business realm. 

He is a contributor at CNN, BBC, Fox Business, The Hill, Yahoo Finance, CGTN among many others.

Denis Ring, Founder: 365 Foods; OCHO Candy; Lead: O Organics

Denis Ring led the development and introduction of 365 for Whole Foods from 1997 to 2003 with authority over product, vendor selection, packaging design, logistics, media relations and team member education.  In 2005 he was invited by Safeway to lead the O Organic program.   

OCHO Candy is a pioneer in organic chocolates and now has sales throughout the US and abroad.

Max Bade, Founder, K16 Capital

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