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for pioneers in FoodTech and SynBio

Where Ideas Reach their Full Potential.


Accelerating Biotech
Through the Lab
And Beyond

McKinsey Global Research declared the 21st Century the Biotech Century, where Biotech would economically impact 400 use cases, half of them outside of healthcare.

The opportunity is hardly a question: in 2020 it was estimated
that $3.1B was invested in alternative proteins while
Synthetic Biology Companies raised $8B.

Having worked with 100+ startups including some of the most well-known in the field, we will help a startup find market, communicate their technology, raise funds and establish a quality
offering to investors.

High Velocity Acceleration.
Numbers from our first Two Years:

iAccelerate takes a tailors their approach with each client. We have open 1:1 access and will work with you on all aspects of the business: polished pitch, product, investor relationships, board diligence, culture to bring your to global impact.

100% follow on beyond 6 months
14 Leading startups in FoodTech and BioTech
30% female founders
Companies from US, Asia, Europe
Up 120 hours of face time advising
Cumulative $210M Market Cap
$42M raised follow on Funds
5 YC companies

Who we are.

Ron Shigeta, Principal

Ron Shigeta PhD
Co-Founder @ IndieBio

•  Biotech Startup Wave early Investor
•  Co-Founder, Technical Lead, IndieBio
•  100+ startup investments
•  Industrial and academic experience
•  $3+B Market Cap Career Portfolio
•  Guest Lecturer, Food Innovation
•  Pioneered Startup Biotech wave
See the Detailed Bio Page.

Network of World Class
Advisors and Partners

Our network of funds, advisors and partners relationships are extensive and world class from an entire career working in Food/BioTech. From building and equipping a lab, designing and selling your product, to marketing and investment iAccelerate is there to help. Our formal advisory list:


Miao-Chih Tsai PhD
Senior Scientific Editor,Cell

• EIR Darwin Ventures

Ryan Patel
International Food Executive

• Commentator CNN,
• Bloomberg, FBN, BBC etc.

Max Bade
Founder, K16 Capital

• EIR Darwin Ventures

Denis Ring
Founder: 365 Foods

• OCHO Candy;
•Lead: O Organics


Since Fall 2019 iAccelerate has been working with first in class highly innovative startups solving global problems in foodTech and bioTech. We're proud of our story so far. Taking a substantial amount of time with the startups we believe in means a high rate of success.

At the same time, we are always looking to stretch ourselves in to new ideas and help establish them, see them through to their fullest potential. See Details page for More Information.

Portfolio Growth 368%* Sept 2019 - April 2021*
Follow on rate: 100% (so far)
Following Funds Raised $42M
From ~$10M to ~$210M In captitalization
Pioneer/Leading Startup in #cellularAg Dairy. (Singapore)

First #cellularAg Seafood Startup.
Personal NeuroTech for Performance (Israel)
First YC #labGrown Meat Startup (YC)
First #plantbased Steak to Market (Slovenia/YC)
#plantBased Sashimi (YC)
NextGen #GigEconomy Solving the Headcount Crisis in restaurants.
Advanced Liquid Diagnostics
Solving Precision Fermentation Manufacturing for #foodTech

Qoa: Molecular Chocolate
Molecular Beauty (Stealth)
#plantBased Food Startup
NextLevel Vertical Farming
What's Next?

Investment Opportunities

Investments in our graduates will be offered up on our syndicate.
Access strong investments with Angel checks.
Invest anywhere from $10k to $250k
Our target is 5-10 deals available per year
Terms as professional VCs see
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